Velina shares her life story:

ProfHeadShot without glasses“From the earliest time I can remember, I had a calling to help ease the suffering of others. In High School, Sally Struthers brought me to tears with the images of the starving children all over the world. So I saved my lunch money so I could “adopt” a child for only $18 a month. Many years later, the Medical Director at the nursing home I worked for wrote about me, stating that I had “an uncommon level of empathy”.  

I was introduced to psychology at a very young age by my parents. I was also supported in finding my own spiritual path, rather having one pushed on me. However, Catholicism was my faith of origin and I later became a born-again Christian. After a year abroad, neither of those stuck. I spent the first half of my life seeking truth through various world religions as well as philosophies and traditions.rsz_pride_flower2

From working in a deaf pre-school to a small city gov job, clothes factory and grocery store in Sweden, customer service in a bank, I have worked in various settings with many different populations. I found my niche as a nursing home social worker for 10 years but later found much joy owning and operating a wellness center in Boulder serving all ages and conditions. In 2011 I moved from my wellness center to join Grossman Wellness Center and participate in Dr Grossman’s world class longevity team offering my stress management consultation to his patience as well as my private clients.

rsz_dog_kissing_girlMy ailing grandmother brought me back to Martinez, CA in 2015. My beloved puppy and I came home to support my family during her time in hospice care. My extended visit turned into a permanent move. I have been taking time reacquainting with my hometown where my family settled in 1938. My 20 years in Colorado was fruitful and enlightening. It has been wondrous to see my beloved hometown with new eyes. It has given me time to soul search as I plan and prepare for the opening of my practice here in California.

My 2 year long sabbatical from work gave me much-needed respite and an opportunity to deeply integrate the 20 years of education, work experience and life lessons I brought home with me. It also gave me luxurious time to spend with my amazing dog in California’s beautiful nature. He loves to run in the tall grass and I love watching him! All this spaciousness gave birth to my new venture working with couples. I am excited to take my work to this new level and offer something truly unique, powerful and life-giving. I am looking forward to bringing rsz_11rsz_dog_running_in_fieldmore love and joy to the world, one couple at a time.”