Mindful Massage Instruction for Couples


Learn how to reduce your stress & deepen your bond through giving and receiving mindful touch

*Learn EASY massage strokes & techniques that your partner will LOVE
*Expand your capacity to RELAX & fully RECEIVE
*Re-ignite your PASSION and DESIRE for each other
*Practice asking for & getting what you WANT & NEED
*Build your CONFIDENCE in bringing PLEASURE to your partner

Deepen Your Connection through Loving Touch

couple-at-breakfastNot only will you learn some of her masterful moves in bodywork to give pleasure and peace to your partner, she will teach you how to reduce your stress in the process of bringing your partner a blissful experience.

Velina guides couples to more fun and play, reducing stress in their body, mind and spirit while learning her masterful skills of the massage trade. After 20 years working in mental health, holistic wellness and massage therapy, she has decided to bring all of her knowledge and skill to couples who want to increase their intimacy, deepen their bond and lighten their stress. She made massage her meditation for the past 13 year and is ready to share her secrets in hopes of supporting couples in their quest for the ultimate bond.

Your partner doesn’t want to join you? Bring a friend and bring your new skills home!happy-moment-105755

Surprise your partner with your newfound skills. Or surprise them with the gift of this intimacy building program.

Same-sex couples very welcome!