Why the Owl?

In her journey studying various healing methods of the world, Velina often came upon Shamanic Practitioners who told her that Owl was her Totem. They believe that all animals as well as plants offer healing through their “medicine”. Velina wasn’t so sure she understood or even believed in it, but when she investigated “Owl Medicine”, she knew they were right.

Velina is very respectful, only offering what her clients are asking from her. But if you want to know what is under the surface where you may be in the dark, she will illuminate that which most others can not see. This is what the Shamans would call her “Owl Medicine”.

Have no fear as the truth shall set you free. And it is only you who can know for certain what that truth is. Velina will offer her guidance and suggestions but knows that she is only a facilitator. You are the driver and master of your journey. She is at your service to provide whatever support you deem fit for this journey.

What is “Owl Medicine”?

owl-sketch-happyThe following are excerpts from sources that describe Owl Medicine:

Owl sees what we want to remain hidden. Owl is honest and sees directly into our heart and soul. Although we have become most familiar with her symbolism of being wise, there is more to her. In many Native American tribes, Owl is the Wise One and the honest one or True Seer.

Owl people are genuinely compassionate, and they care deeply for those she reads. If you open your heart and mind, Owl has a great many lessons to teach.owl-watercolor